Anthony Peter's Tap Dance Seattle

Winter Session
January 4th, 2017 - April 8th, 2017

Class Descriptions

This class is for people with little or no tap dance experience. The basics of tap dance such as shuffles, flaps, and the Shim Sham Chorus are taught. Tap shoes required.

Intermediate I
The next level up. A good class for people who have had some tap and want to get back into it. Dancers in this class will continue with more basics, such as time steps, Irishes, Buffalo, and Cincinnati. Things start to move faster.

Intermediate II
A moderately challenging class for people who are confident with fundamental tap technique. The combinations become longer and faster in this class.

Intermediate II - Seniors
Same as Intermediate II with more stretching and balance, and less hopping. There are no high impact moves; such as pull backs, in this class. There is also an emphasis on balance.

Intermediate III
A fairly fast-paced class using everything you've learned so far.

Fast paced and challenging. A class for dancers who understand how technique, rhythm, and style are related. Prerequisite: the desire to improve all aspects of your art.

Class Prices

- January 4th, 2017 - April 8th, 2017 -

Single/Drop in Class   $18
Ten class card (good for three months)   $160
One Class a Week   $210
Two Classes a Week   $364
Three Classes a Week   $483

Note: "One Class a Week" or "Two Classes a Week" are rates for the Winter Session and are not the same as a 10 class card. If you need more flexibility a 10 class card is good for three months and available for $160.

The Tap Dance Seattle Philosophy On Technique

Tap dance is all about the rhythm. People can hear the rhythm of our feet, but we want to them to see the rhythm in us as we dance, too. Studying technique should free us as dancers. It won't turn us into machines. Excellent technique allows us to reach our full potential as tap dancers. Poor or inadequate technique limits our ability to express ourselves. Good technique is only part of being a good dancer, but it is an important part!

I have been tap dancing for 40+ years (pretty much non stop!) and I still love it. I will share these thoughts with you: tap dancing is harder than it looks, and it is something that can change your life. See you soon?

Copasetically yours,

~ Anthony Peters


Please try to attend class consistently. However, it's not always possible. If you have to miss a class try to double up the next week. Don't feel that you can’t catch up - you can!


If you are running late, don't worry about it. We understand. Seattle traffic is CRAZY! You won't disrupt the class and we'll all be glad to see you.


Wear comfortable clothes. Keep in mind dancing can be a
bit of a workout.

Tap Shoes -- Where do you buy them? Any local dance shop has
them. The proper fit for a tap shoe is comfortable, not tight.
Inexpensive shoes are fine to start with.