~ How do I know which class to take?

There's no way to say for sure, so make your best guess (I'm also willing help), and try a drop in. You can always go up or down from there.

~ What kind of shoes should I get?

The style is really up to you. If you plan on dancing in shows you should get used to heels. Tap shoes should fit like good fitting street shoes, not snug like ballet slipper. Inexpensive shoes are fine to start with.

~ I'm not sure that I'll like tap.

It's fun, but it's not for everyone. Try a drop in before committing to a full session of classes.

~ Is tap hard?

No, but for most people it is challenging. It is a skill that you definitely can pick up with practice and consistent attendance at class. Most people who try it think it's fun.

~ What should I wear?

Wear what's comfortable. We see everything tights and leotards (rare), gym clothes (common) and attire that's straight from the office.

~ How long does it take to get good!?

In the words of tap great Jimmy Slyde "It takes a lifetime".

~ Am I covered by your insurance?

No, you have to be covered by your own insurance.

~ I went skiing and decided to skip a lot of classes this winter. Can I have a refund?

There will be refunds for cancelled classes if no make up class is possible, but not if you decide to do something else.